Alaska Video Installation

Depending on your room requirements, making a TV fit into a living space can be difficult sometimes. Or maybe there is a significant other in your life that just cannot stand the sight of one. With the addition of Media Décor to our lineup, making a TV disappear with your choice of art can be a very nice compromise. Call us for more information!

Alaska Video

With the advancement of 4K resolution, making sure you are getting the most out of your system can be a tricky task. Having the correct HDMI cables, making sure settings are adjusted properly, and even connecting it can all be difficult to understand. Let AVID do the thinking for you when picking out your next TV or projector. We carry the best of the best from Sony, LG, & Samsung.

Alaska Outdoor TV

Electronics are an ever-expanding part of our life. With Seura TVs and Smart Mirrors, you can now have entertainment in areas that were never before possible. Maybe your calendar and music control in your bathroom mirror? How about a TV outside in the middle of winter next to your hot tub? Or watching the morning news… in your shower!? Call to find out more.

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