Alaska Smart Systems

Electronics with app controls are supposed to make our life easier. Often though, control and management of the devices can turn frustrating quickly. With the help of brands like SAVANT, Lutron, & Logitech we can bring control of all these functions to one, easy to use app for simplified control.

Alaska Smart Control Solutions

Making sure you have an adequate control system is part one of having a properly functioning smart home or office space.  They are the backbone of the system, and allow devices that may not otherwise be compatible to work together.  Understanding the brand and the control interfaces they offer is key to getting the user experience you are hoping for.  Through vetting of other brands, AVID has chosen to install SAVANT, & Logitech as our control solutions.

Alaska’s Smart Electronics Experts

Selecting devices that are compatible with one another, and that “talk” to each other is part two. Through countless hours of testing, training, & troubleshooting, our technicians have a firm knowledge of these systems and how to select compatible devices. Check out some of the products we use below!

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